The Most Common Tooth Injuries

Having too much sugar or not brushing your teeth properly makes your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavity. But there are certain other dangers to your teeth as well. Most common are external injuries. Around 15 million Americans suffer dental injuries every year as a result of recreational sports.

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Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

Not being able to smile properly can be socially and psychologically damaging. But most people still do not prefer getting treatment for uneven teeth because of the fear of braces. Even though the end result is effective, braces may cause irritation and put restrictions on diet. Luckily, modern dentistry allows for an alternative solution in

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Sensitivity Is a Sensitive Topic!

If you have trouble eating anything hot or cold because of the agonizing pain it causes, it’s time you visited your dentist for a classic case of tooth sensitivity. It’s become a rising concern amongst the masses and while it may easily be passed off as a simple tooth ache in the initial stages, you

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