3 Misconceptions Regarding Dental Veneers

Years of coffee and rigid foods make a perfect sparkling smile almost unattainable. But, not anymore! Whether your teeth are crooked, cracked, decayed, stained or poorly shaped, dental veneers are your one-stop solution. Veneers are extremely thin shells which mask the front of your teeth to conceal any imperfections. The coverings are mostly personalized to match

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Dental Bridges—All You Need To Know

Like any ordinary bridge, a dental bridge too ‘bridges the gap’—literally! We understand how difficult it is to lose a tooth or teeth. It takes away that bright, wide smile. But what’s worse is that it makes chewing and talking troublesome too. A dental bridge makes it look like you never lost a tooth.

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Caring For Dentures—Essential Tips

As we age, we see an increase in almost everything that life has to offer. This includes responsibilities, relationships, experience, number of children etc. But there are also things we lose—stamina, agility, youth…and our teeth!

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Common Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Even the most radiant white dress can’t make you shine if the yellow-tone of your teeth comes in the way. Discolored and stained teeth make your entire personality fade out. Don’t let yellow teeth kill the sparkle of your smile. The solution we propose is professional teeth whitening.

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