5 Reasons to Visit a Hygienist for Professional Tooth Cleaning

5 Reasons to Visit a Hygienist for Professional Tooth Cleaning

If you hate going to the dentist and try to put off your appointments for as long as possible, you’re not alone. Findings from research conducted by the Health Policy Institute show that nearly 23% of adults either completely dismissed or were unsure about the idea of going to a dental clinic.

There are a number of factors that stop a person from visiting a dentist even, when it’s absolutely necessary. The reality of the matter is that oral hygiene is critical to the rest of your health.

To get over your dental anxiety, scheduling a professional cleaning is a great gateway procedure. It’s painless, and can help you in a number of ways, which are listed below.

Removal of Plaque

The accumulation of plaque can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss in severe cases. A dental hygienist removes plaque by scaling the teeth with a professional dental scalar. This helps get rid of the hardened tartar that is often impossible to remove with normal brushing.

Advanced Flossing

Even if you floss on a daily basis, small particles and food items can stick between your teeth and the lining close to the gums. An advanced flossing session with a dental hygienist will get rid of leftover food and toothpaste, as well as plaque.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride—a main ingredient in toothpastes—provides protection from acidity, microbial pathogens, and tooth decay. Professional fluoride treatments serve the same purpose and can last up to months, preventing potential cavity formation.

Teeth Whitening

For immediate results, getting teeth whitening done by a professional dental hygienist is recommended. Depending on the sensitivity and condition of your teeth, a dental hygienist will use the proper tools and employ the right skill set to supercharge your smile.

Thorough Exam

A visit to a dental hygienist can help you avoid serious dental problems that develop over weeks or months and often stay undetected in the initial weeks. Request a thorough exam if you feel like something is wrong with your teeth.

Digital X-Ray

For a closer and deeper look, digital x-rays can immediately show any issues in the structure of teeth or gums. An x-ray can detect:

  • Oral Cancer: Oral cancer screenings requires a biopsy for detection, and a rock-solid right diagnosis; x-rays can show early lesions and lumps. A hygienist can even recommend further tests, and with early treatment, the chances of curing the cancer successfully become higher.
  • Cavities: Cavities are hard to detect until they start showing the obvious symptoms. With x-ray imaging¸ the initial cavities are easy to detect and can be stopped from spreading.

Since dentists recommend getting a detailed and professional cleaning only twice a year, you can easily schedule a visit at your convenience. Visit us at Bethesda Dental Health Clinic if you’re looking for professional cleaning or emergency dentist’s services. Call us at (301) 654-1887 if you need emergency treatment in Bethesda or book an appointment for regular visits.


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