5 Reasons You Need To Start Using Dental Floss

5 Reasons You Need To Start Using Dental Floss

Your phone alarm starts to ring. You shuffle out of bed while rubbing your eyes as you prepare to get ready for the day. Just as you’re done brushing and washing your face, you notice the unused dental floss you purchased a week ago. “I’m getting late” is the thought which comes to mind as you exit the washroom.

All too familiar with the above scenario? We’ve all been there. Most of us would like to believe that brushing is sufficient enough to maintain good oral hygiene. But according to the American Dental Association, flossing helps combat gum disease and tooth decay. While it may prove cumbersome to take out that extra three minutes for flossing, the benefits are well worth your time.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to start using dental floss.

Helps Fight Plaque

The primary reason why dentist constantly recommend the use of floss is to help remove stubborn plaque. Plaque refers to a bacterial film which gets built up on the teeth. The sugars present in our food result in further plaque development and aid the bacteria in eroding the tooth enamel.

This has further detrimental effects on oral hygiene in the form of cavities. Using floss prevents plaque buildup and is particularly important for children who have high levels of sugar consumption.

Stops the Gums from Bleeding

For the occasional floss users, this advice wouldn’t seem right. After all, flossing causes the gums to bleed in the first place, right? Wrong.

Because we don’t floss every day or as much as we need to, we allow bacteria to build-up between our teeth. Not only does these cause infections, but affects the health of our gums which is why the floss might appear to be what causes bleeding. Keep using the floss to remove bacteria and in about a week’s time, the bleeding will subside allowing you to have healthier teeth and gums!

Prevents Other Diseases

Poor oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis. Further neglect can cause it to develop into periodontal disease. A research done by the Anaerobe Journal reveals that periodontal disease causes the bacteria to enter into our bloodstream and get carried to other organs such as the heart. This causes blockages to develop in the arteries and make a person more prone to stroke/heart attacks. It has also been known to contribute to the development of diabetes and low birth weight in newborns.

Saves Money

With reduced insurance benefits and the rising cost of health care, medical expenses are getting costlier by the day. Flossing helps prevent emergencies which may require surgical treatment and cost you an arm and a leg.

By making dental floss a part of your routine, you stand a good chance of fending off numerous diseases which result from bad oral hygiene. Visit our family dentist in Bethesda, MD today and let our friendly and qualified staff take care of all your dental needs!


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