4 Reasons You Need To Start the New Year Right With A Dental Checkup

4 Reasons You Need To Start the New Year Right With A Dental Checkup

Among other plans for starting off your New Years with newer, better habits should be focusing on your dental health. We know that your dentophobia has kept you from consulting our dentists, but our professionals are trained to handle all kinds of cases.

Don’t let your fears get the best of you. And we can say from experience that not getting your toothache checked at your earliest can create a host of new dental problems later. It’s important that you draft a proper dental checkup plan for the coming year and resolve to follow it through.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Note Your Problems

Recall all the times when you’ve felt an ache in your teeth. Identify the exact source of discomfort. Note all the times when your gums were sore or bled. Make sure to inform your dentist of all these problems systematically. Often unrelated problems might be symptoms of a larger dental concern, which needs tending.

Schedule an appointment

Delays in getting dental attention can result in major problems. You don’t want your smile to suffer any longer. Schedule an appointment today so that you can give you teeth the medical attention they need. Don’t wait for the right time; make time for it, because health comes first.

Even if you haven’t experienced any aches recently, you should still come in for a dental checkup. A simple teeth cleaning and whitening can ward off potential problems and enhance your appearance.

Follow Through Dental Treatments

We’ve had several cases where patients have come in to get treatment and left with special instructions from the dentist to care for their condition. This may include abstaining from hard foods, taking medicines, fasting, brushing with a prescribed toothpaste, or cutting down an unhealthy habit.

Failure to follow through the doctor’s advice can aggravate the condition. Patients often replace parts of the prescription with home remedies which aren’t as effective or (worse) bad for the condition. This is why we advise patients to stick to the doctor’s word if they want to improve their dental health.

Adjust Your Routine To Dental Care

Every socialite depends on wine like it’s a life-giving potion. Don’t make poker nights all about drinking to oblivion; choose better alternatives. If you want to prioritize your health, you need to alter your routine according to dental care instructions.

Allow yourself cheat days when you can drink as much as you wish to but don’t make drinking a regular habit. Red wine especially has tannins that can make cause teeth staining. A stained smile can look very unappealing. The ball is now in your court!

If you’ve resolved to prioritize to start this year the right way, come to us. We’re a family dentistry clinic in Bethesda and would love to offer our best services to make this new resolve as smooth as possible.


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