3 Ways Tooth Decay can be Reversed

3 Ways Tooth Decay can be Reversed

Dental cavities or caries is one of the most common dental issues in the world. They’re usually more common in children and teenagers but can also occur in adults.

Tooth decay may be attributed to the bacteria present in your mouth due to snacking on sugary foods and/or not keeping up with dental hygiene.

Depending on the severity of the tooth decay, your options range from fillings to root canals. However, sometimes, tooth decay can be stopped and even reversed if caught in its early stages.

Here are a few ways you can heal cavities naturally and prevent further tooth decay.

1.  Reducing Your Sugar Intake

As we mentioned earlier, perhaps one of the biggest culprits of tooth decay is a sugary diet.

According to Moynihan and Petersen, oral health is related to your diet in many ways. They argue that there’s ample data supporting the argument that there’s a direct correlation between sugar intake and dental caries.

Thus, when you begin to notice cavities forming, the first order of business should be to cut out or significantly reduce your sugar intake.

Incorporate more calcium-rich foods into your diet. Calcium is known to re-mineralize teeth and build tooth enamel as well as bone and dentin.

2. Consume Natural Probiotics

The bad bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for infections look for shelter in small crevices of our mouth, between our teeth. To combat this, begin consuming foods that are richer in probiotics.

Probiotics are known to offset the acidic pH that may help bacteria thrive. Fermented foods such as Kombucha or Kimchi help the production of healthy bacteria in the mouth that can help fight dental decay.

3. Regular Dental Check-Ups

The above two ways of reversing tooth decay have one thing in common: catching the cavity in its earlier stages. These could be difficult to spot until it’s too late. However, it’s easier for a dental care provider to spot early signs of tooth decay.

Make sure you schedule regular appointments with your dentist. Regular cleaning can also prevent plaque buildup and putting your teeth and gums at risk of developing cavities and infections.

If they deem fit, your orthodontist will suggest a fluoride gel or varnish.

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